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I am a visual storyteller.

I find it hard to categorize what I do, but I have worn multiple hats, including Inventor, Product Designer, Logo Designer, Toy Designer, Packaging Designer, UI/UX Designer, Brand Designer, Copywriter, Motion Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Videographer, Visual Strategist, Service Designer, Facilitator, Design Researcher, and more to come. Anything goes - I just want to make things great and make great things.
Everything I create is always for a greater purpose. I feel creatively fulfilled when I discover new opportunities that can brighten someone's day, even if it means taking risks and tackling previously unchartered territories.

Curiosity fuels me.

Gender Equality
Queer Study

Areas I am highly passionate about

Ethical Technology
Someone created a donut map of

"...So get out there and stuff your face with donuts. Just don't get any oil on this lovely map."

A 19-year-old student reinvented the hammock so you can nap under your desk

"If you've ever worked so late that you thought about sleeping at the office, a 19-year-old designer could have the solution for you."

Graphic Design Student Aqil Raharjo Winner on RGD Student Awards

"His work aims to raise awareness for global warming and the way in which it affects the polar bears' existence."

Design Strategy

Service Design

Visual Design


Design Research

specialized in



I'm comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I make career moves based on one mindset: to always be curious and do things outside of my comfort zone. This mindset has allowed me to gain valuable knowledge which I fuse into my design process, thus broadening my understanding and unlocking new ideas. Below is my professional journey that demonstrates how I explore many disciplines and go beyond the standard way of doing things.
2015 - Creative Agency
Zink Studio
Motion Graphics & 3D Animation Intern
Clients: KitKat, Lego, Toyota
Global Tech Company - 2017
IBM Canada
User Experience Design Intern
2018 - Production Studio
The Young Astronauts
Freelance Graphic Designer
Clients: Electric Feel MGMT, Marz VFX, Pepsi
OCAD University
Bachelor of Design
Graduated with Distinction
Freelance Designer
Clients: TO Finest, The Blend
2019 - Biotechnology Company
Design Strategist
2020 - Service Design Consultancy
Service Designer
Clients: Pharma, healthcare, financial institution

Words from the people I respect

"Aqil graduated with distinction, and it's easy to see why. He is a creative, multi-talented designer who never stops working. He takes his design to a high level of concept and execution, and then looks for ways to make it even better."
OCAD University
Richard Hunt, Thesis Professor
Richard taught me


Have a project you need help with?  Have an exciting opportunity I should not miss out? Want to help me bring my ideas into reality? Or just simply want to say hi? Shoot me a message below!

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