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I help transform DoseBiome's microbiome initiatives into cohesive consumer brands.
What I do
My Role
Design Touch Points
Market Segmentation, Concept Testing, Qualitative & Quantitative Study, Brand Strategy, UI/UX, Motion Graphics, Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Booth Design
As a trailblazer in the biotech industry, DoseBiome attempted to bridge microbiome research that benefits everyday living by providing a line of consumer products. Focused on oral microbiome initiatives, I worked closely with the CEO and a diverse team of individuals, from scientists to marketers, to revamp the world's first novel tea that cares for your teeth.
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Anchoring on brand strategy

Phase 1

The project began with secondary research, such as market and growth analysis, to better understand and narrow down qii’s target consumers. Persona was then created to deepen understanding on deciding factors/decision drivers which is integral in creating core messsaging and brand values.

Through competitive scan, I was able to gauge how other brands implement branding strategies to attract similar audience. Leveraging the information obtained, brand positioning was determined and initial visual moodboard was created.

Primary research (interviews with scientists) were done to find a baseline understanding on the technology and what it solves, as well as the employees’ aspirations on what the brand should represent.

Minimum viable copy and visuals were then developed with tactics across channels that raise brand awareness and convince audience about the product’s benefits.​

Phase 2

Designing a cohesive qii

This phase is about redeveloping visual tone and expression for a more cohesive qii brand. There was no thinking on how qii as the masterbrand looks like independent of the flavors. There were no defined color, structure, branding and only few visual elements blend together in a cohesive manner.


I conducted two visual exploration as options on how the brand can be elevated. New colors and expressive graphic treatment were introduced to help bridge the visuals between product mockups, complex illustrations, and photography. The chosen direction maintains familiarity with the existing packaging, showcases qii as an up and coming, hip, modern tea brand, and implies the concept of cleansing, drink, and movement (on-the-go)​.

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Phase 2

Packaging rebrand

qii’s packaging lacks visual and typographic hierarchy that helps emphasize the key differentiator(s) of the product. The visuals of the packaging does not fully showcase the benefits of the tea. In addition, ‘drink daily to promote oral health’ is in a typeface that‘s hard to read. 


Working alongside the CEO, we updated qii’s packaging with clearer propositions and making it more intriguing for the customers we serve.​


Designing new brands

Idea & Product Development Work
Market Segmentation, Persona Development, Brand Direction, Packaging Design, Logo Design, Creative Direction
Over the course of Q2 & Q3, I collaborated with various stakeholders to develop easy-to-understand concepts for the company's new product initiatives. This test-design-refine-retest cycle aimed to find the most impactful way to introduce the company's new line of innovations.
This led to the development of multiple brand options that were created for various demographics.
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1 Year 3 Months


Design Strategist

Skills Improved

Idea Generation

UI/UX Design

Content Strategy

Information Architecture


Facilitating Brainstorming Sessions

Developing Focus Group Guides

Market Research

Consumer Research + Analysis

Consumer Segmentation

Brand Strategy

Brand Architecture

Naming Strategy

Brand Design

Packaging Design

Motion Graphics





After Effects




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