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I help transform DoseBiome's scientifically-proven microbiome initiatives into relatable consumer brands through a data-driven process and with a touch of design magic.
What I do
Design Touch Points
Market Segmentation, Concept Testing, Qualitative & Quantitative Study, Brand Strategy, UI/UX, Motion Graphics, Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Booth Design
My Role

Design Strategist

As a trailblazer in the biotech industry, DoseBiome is attempting to bridge microbiome research to benefit regular people through providing a line of everyday consumer products. Currently focusing on oral microbiome initiatives, I collaborate with a diverse team of individuals, from Ph. D.s, scientists, marketers, account executives, and other creatives, and listen to their differing opinions to design the best brand experience for our targeted consumers.
Key Responsibilities
  • I come up with fresh ideas and a distinct point of view towards the development of existing and new initiatives.

  • I collaborate with Consumer Insights Manager and Food Scientists to transform Dosebiome's initiatives into easy-to-understand, consumer-friendly concepts that will be tested on a consumer insights platform. I contribute to the development of qualitative and quantitative consumer-facing frameworks. Together with the Consumer Insights Manager and CEO, I analyze results relating to the brand, revise, and re-test.

  • I am the person fully in charge of developing the brand fundamentals of the company’s new initiatives. My role is to provide options of, but not limited to, brand pyramids, brand architectures, naming options, logo options, packaging visuals, branding, and potential applications.

  • I learn from my mistakes and apply more efficient ways to better my design process.

Idea & Product Development
  • I collaborate with Content Strategist and CEO to develop brand strategy and creative direction options on new initiatives.
  • I provided insights about consumer and market trends on tea and functional RTD drinkers to better position qii, DoseBiome's first product in the market.
  • I revamped qii by establishing appropriate brand character across its omnichannel consumer experiences.  From copywriting, photography, motion graphics, new amazon assets, website redesign, and booth design, I help increase qii's online and offline presence.
  • I  prototyped and redesigned qii's packaging for US & Canada and made sure they are in compliance with the regulations. I determined the PMS colors and ensure the files are production-ready. It is currently being reviewed by the legal team.
  • Working alongside with Sales Strategist, Account Executive, and Design Intern, I provided materials for multi-platform communication stream, including sales decks and POS materials.
Brand Development

Concept Development for New Initiatives

Idea & Product Development Work
Market Segmentation, Persona Development, Brand Direction, Packaging Design, Logo Design, Creative Direction
Over the course of 7 months, I collaborated with Product Developer, Consumer Insights Manager, and CEO to develop easy-to-understand concepts (copy and designs)  of DoseBiome's initiatives. We tested, analyzed results, refined, and re-tested these concepts. The goal of this cycle was to find the most impactful way to introduce DoseBiome's line of innovations by determining which demographics these innovations should be targeted towards.
This framework leads to my development of multiple brand options that were created for various demographics.
To develop these brand directions, I explored two approaches; directions that were based on the product's function (bottom to top approach) and the ones that were based on what the brand should be perceived (top to bottom approach).
Most of these brand concepts are still under NDA as the product is not launched yet, but I'm allowed to showcase one of the 8+ brand direction options I've created for the product.


Brand Revamp

Brand Development Work
Market Research, Brand Strategy, Brand Direction, Photography, Copywriting
When I first started the job, I was the only person in the company who is in a creative role, which means I had a huge creative freedom to revamp the brand.
After doing market research and analyzing consumer insights, I revamped the brand to better target the demographic we believe would fit best.
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Screenshot 2019-10-26 18.55.45.png
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Screenshot 2019-10-26 19.09.41.png
Brand Development Work

qii Website Revamp

UI/UX Design, Photography, Photo Editing, Copywriting
I had the opportunity to revamp qii's website. Working closely with the CEO, I wrote the web's content, shot and edited new assets, and designed the website. CEO determined the project's workflow and I had the opportunity to collaborate with DoseBiome's in-house scientists for the content and freelance developers at Web Sharx to custom build it, utilizing Adobe XD.
Screenshot 2019-10-24 20.23.29.png
Screenshot 2019-10-24 20.23.23.png
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Screenshot 2019-10-24 20.22.08.png
UI UX_Amazon Only_3.jpg
UI UX_Amazon Only_4.jpg
UI UX_Amazon Only.jpg
UI UX_Amazon Only_2.jpg
UI UX_Amazon Only_5.jpg
Screenshot 2019-10-24 20.23.13.png
Natural Products ExpoWest is a prestigious trade show in the United States where local and national-level buyers, distributors, and influencers look for the newest food products and trends. I had the opportunity to design qii's booth, with the primary objective of making qii available in stores by closing deals with new buyers and distributors.
Booth Design, Copywriting, Photography
Facilitated a brainstorming session with the Sales team to align the primary objectives of the booth and things that can be improved from last year's booth.
Screenshot 2019-10-26 16.23.31.png
Screenshot 2019-10-26 16.18.16.png
Provided a few design options. Decision was made based on viability, budget, flexibility, and one with the least margin of error.
Prototyped and finalized design. Sourced booth materials and ensured design is print-ready.
Modular, Simple Design
I wanted to extend the application of qii's iconic logo bar to the booth. After reviewing previous year’s booth and gain insights on what to improve for the upcoming booth, the team decided to choose this design.
The booth is purposefully designed to introduce and sell qii more efficiently; this booth was self-serving and self-explanatory. Its layout maintains a good flow and it has the possibility to move things around during the show if needed, depending on the traffic of the visitors. It is also easier and cheaper to set up.
Introduction of a New Masterbrand Color
During the design development, I also decided to introduce a new master colour for the brand. The previous qii green is ineffective because it is the same colour as one of the flavours offered.
The new color is a combination of green and blue, reflecting its balance between the natural characteristics of the product and its exciting innovative technology.

Booth Design - Expo West Anaheim

Brand Development Work
Natural Products ExpoWest is a prestigious trade show in the United States where local and national-level buyers, distributors, and influencers look for the newest food products and trends. I had the opportunity to design qii's booth, with the primary objective of making qii available in stores by closing deals with new buyers and distributors.
Booth Design, Copywriting, Photography

Motion Graphics

Brand Development Work
Below are my initiatives to create a more cohesive brand experience for qii. Most of the work was used by the sales team to pitch qii to buyers and distributors.
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Design Strategist

Skills Improved

Idea Generation

UI/UX Design

Content Strategy

Information Architecture


Facilitating Brainstorming Sessions

Developing Focus Group Guides

Market Research

Consumer Research + Analysis

Consumer Segmentation

Brand Strategy

Brand Architecture

Naming Strategy

Brand Design

Packaging Design

Motion Graphics





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