Schnap Hammock: The Making Of

For as long as I remembered, I am always fascinated with products that are not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, but also solving mundane problems. When I had the chance to design an innovative product to solve an everyday problem as one of my course’s projects, I was excited. The process was rough, however. After a mental breakdown, dozens of weird ideas, sleepless nights and multiple iterations, I finally managed to create a product that people did not think they needed.  I eventually named it ‘Schnap’ which derives from a hybrid of school nap; an under the desk hammock that allows the user to chill or take a nap anywhere and anytime as long as there is a table long enough to sleep under it.

A designer should always be aware of his/her surroundings because inspiration comes from the simple things in life that most people ignore. Initially, the problem I chose to solve was completely different, irrelevant, and complicated. It was until I realized that I overlooked my chores and activities as a design university student. Sleepless nights and the lack of comfortable space to sleep at school concerned me the most, thus to solve this problem would help my colleagues and I at OCAD. The idea of creating a comfortable sleeping space under the desk emerged, and a portable, easy to install under the desk hammock came up to my mind. Scraping my previous idea and restart the process was not easy, though, since I have done so much to solve the last problem and the project is due in one week. How the hell am I going to make a finished, functional product in one week?

One thing I love about craft and design is the importance of process in a sense that there is always room for change and improvement. I had never done product design let alone an innovative design that needs to be done in 1 week. Therefore, time management and a range of craft skills are essential at this point. This project opened up an opportunity for me to explore different skills I might not learn as a graphic designer. From learning how to sew to laser cut, in the end, I managed to finish a product that I adore as much as I enjoyed the process. 

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